2006 Colt Born 2/03
2005 Full Sister to Beau
Dam:  Costly Catina
Sire:  Darksatin Dreamer   (HYPP N/N)

Photo by Lisa Estridge
for the
BGS ApHC Futurity & Kentucky Bred Incentive Funds
What a handsome colt! 
has the eye appeal for the show ring or to be the envy of your fellow riders on the trail....These pictures are of him at only 4 days old...
Congrats to
Paul, Karen & girls!!!
I think Beau is going to enjoy his California home!
1 day old
Photo by Lisa Estridge
Photo by Lisa Estridge
Tales of the Trail
Appaloosas - Foals

CC had a filly! 

     Born April 5th at
     3:30 in the morning. 
     Chestnut, 3 socks,
     no spots to be seen yet
     but we have skin mottling! 
     Sire is a grandson
     of Dreamfinder.

for the
Kentucky Bred Incentive Funds

Im Dun Dreaming
is For Sale!!!
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UPDATE: 2/23/09

PJ foaled a colt,
large blanket - (possibly a snow cap) with lightening marks on his legs.

Past Foals...
CC is due next - March 18th but usually foals about 14 days earlier than her due date... STAY TUNED!!!